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Get rid of unconnected spreadsheets and reports with plug and play connection to all your relevant business systems. Benefit immediately from dashboards, reports, KPIs, and alerts.

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Boost productivity and sales with advanced Retail Analytics

Get real-time insights from your business systems in an instant. Analyse stores, sales personnel, suppliers, products, campaigns, and customers with interactive dashboards and reports.

ZOINED® for retailers

Optimise planning with insightful Restaurant Analytics

Use real-time data available on interactive reports and dashboards to analyse restaurants, sales personnel, suppliers, products, campaigns, and customers – anywhere, at any time.

ZOINED® for restaurants

Gain actionable insights with advanced Wholesale Analytics

Analyse your customers, account managers, suppliers, and inventory with dynamic reports and dashboards – on your favourite device. Understand who your most profitable customers are, and optimise your delivery accuracy, supplier management, and pricing.

ZOINED® for wholesalers

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