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Customer stories

Zoined analytics for Specialty Retail takes into account the specific needs in the vertical. Seasonal demand is modelled using specific AI based machine learning algorithms configured for handling both short and long order times as well as picking up sales trends early on in the season to give the maximum amount of time for corrective actions.

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Customer stories

Henrik Johansson

Finance Director, Children's Day Foundation
Because the service brings transparency, Zoined also helps to motivate our employees and to make them more committed.

I wanted to develop our internal accounting and especially the follow-up and analysis on the sales. I surveyed also other analytics tools in the market but quite fast I noticed that Zoined responded to our needs best.

Also the kiosks and cafes of Linnanmäki use the service a lot. They follow particularly the hourly sales, which helps planning the shifts.The ticket sale follows the sales also on sales person level, and they even organized a sales competition for a specific product, which clearly improved in sales!

Petri Kaskinen

CEO, Vehmaan PK-Puu Oy
Thanks to the Zoined analytics portal we know how to assign our resources to the right products and customers, and even better: at the right time.

With Zoined service creating reports and monitoring of different stores has gotten much easier. The saved time from creating reports is significant. A quick glance at the daily email report gives me a great overview of how much and what was sold yesterday.

Collecting and comparing the data from multiple stores is easy with the versatile reports available. The service is easy to use and fits perfectly for hardware stores needs.

Sophie Cole

Senior Merchandiser, Molton Brown, London, UK
With the help of Zoined, sales staff can follow a clear guideline, find out their ranking amongst their peers and focus their efforts on making progress, which keeps them very motivated.

Molton Brown empowers all sales staff to view individual store and chain sales performance via Zoined data & analytics. This transparency has motivated staff to drive a 16% increase in customer conversion to sale. Molton Brown now run a staff incentive scheme focused on key products to motivate staff and boost sales on strategically important ranges.

Lennart Bäck

CEO, Klockmaster
We have achieved great financial results by focusing and optimizing our assortment with help of Zoined analytics. Now recently with one bigger brand especially we have had really good results because the stores are more focused to work with them than they were before.

Klockmaster is a nationwide watches & jewellery chain in Sweden with about 40 stores owned and run by people who are passionate about the concept of time. Latest trends in watches and watch technology have been the focus of Klockmaster’s business since 1892.

Jarmo Nevari

CEO, Hifi Studio
The service brings a lot of value to the personnel of our whole chain as users get personal targeted email reports automatically delivered to them every day.

As soon as we decided to take Zoined service into use, we just planned carefully why and how we are going to use the service and right after that it was already in daily use. Now everyone from our staff knows their own store’s detailed performance also in comparison with other stores around Finland. We use the main metrics of Zoined service daily, which helps us to monitor and improve our customer service among other things.

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