Partnering with Zoined

ZOINED® Analytics for Retailers & Restaurants provides Point-of-Sale, Workforce Management and Footfall Counter software providers and resellers an easy way to offer a plug-and-play analytics service package for their customers.

Traditional way of running operational reports from one business system at a time is not enough anymore as customers expect to:

  • Integrate multiple data sources to have all the relevant information easily available for decision making (single source of truth)
  • Have easy to use visual reporting and analytics tools in use for different user roles including store or restaurant managers without extensive user training required
  • Share relevant information and actionable insights at the right time in the right format for the right recipients
  • Utilise more advanced business intelligence concepts such as alerts and predictive analytics to proactively steer the business to right direction based on AI generated insights and industry best practises.

It is easy to integrate data by using the Zoined API. The process to integrate a new business system typically takes just a few days as sales, inventory, product, customer, working hours or footfall data is integrated to Zoined by using a modern REST API that can handle both large initial history data loads as well as regular frequent incremental near real-time data updates. Please check out the API documentation for more details.

Please contact to get a free API access token to try out the API and the resulting automatically generated plug-and-play analytics service.

Please contact for more information about becoming a Zoined partner. A demo setup of the service can be accessed from the "Open Demo" button located in the navigation menu on top right corner of this website.

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Henrik Larsson

CEO, Heads
We are very happy to have Zoined as our new partner. It’s very flexible and intuitive BI tool, which will be a important part of Heads portfolio as it adds great value to our customers.
As it’s very easy to add new functions and has the same flexibility as Heads, we look forward to a long partnership with them and make life a bit easier for our customers.

Carl Geijer

Chief Product Officer, Quinyx
Zoined offers our customers a powerful extension to our in-built analytics capabilities, allow them to follow up on their key metrics on a global level in a single, user-friendly and easily accessible application.
We're happy to have it as part of our offering and enjoy working together with the solution-oriented and friendly Zoined team on a daily basis to ensure that we deliver a world class user experience together.

Join the partners who have already increased their revenue with help of analytics and reporting services.

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