Mode- och Sporthandel

Zoined säsongsmodellering av efterfrågan gör det möjligt för er att hantera både korta och långa ordercykler och att identifiera säljtrender så tidigt under säsongen att korrigerande åtgärder hinner ge resultat.

ZOINED® har fått förtroende från hundratals datadrivna handlare

Fashion & Sports Success Story

“The greatest value of Zoined is that it is so easy and fast to use. You can allocate management’s time to analysis and decision making instead of spending it on creating reports. Stores can use Zoined to improve how products are being displayed and what are the placements for different brands. Of course, Zoined is used to follow sales and inventories and, for example, in understanding when certain products are selling well. Even the wishes from the stores towards the product managers are easier to justify when they are backed up by facts from Zoined. Planning of shifts for employees at stores is also a very relevant use case as we can better understand the sales pressure at different days and times.”

Joonas Kekäle

Managing Director, Kekäle
Product Modules

Performance benchmark

Fashion & Sports Customer Success Stories

Sanna Tiitinen

Store Owner, Intersport
“I have improved management of my time significantly after taking Zoined Analytics into use. Most of all I appreciate the quick response time of the service and ability to check the reports anywhere via my phone.”

Lars Lönnqvist

CEO, Gant - Pro Fashion (Gant import & retail)
“The core benefits of Zoined are the ease of use and clarity of the service. Excel’s endless sheets are replaced by a browser based software and automatic email reports which both are always available. In addition, the data is easy to filter by your own needs.”

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