"We are very happy to have Zoined as our new partner. It’s very flexible and intuitive BI tool, which will be a important part of Heads portfolio as it adds great value to our customers. As it’s very easy to add new functions and has the same flexibility as Heads, we look forward to a long partnership with them and make life a bit easier for our customers".
- says Henrik Larsson, CEO at Heads.

Sasa Moilanen, one of the founders of Zoined, tells us a bit more:

The problem we at Zoined are solving, is that Store and Restaurant staff are constantly faced with multiple complex spreadsheets, reports and emails to decipher the status of the sales, campaigns, footfall, inventories and staffing on any given day. This wastes the Retail and Hospitality industries thousands of man hours and millions of euros every year. These industries have never grown up with reporting that consolidates this data into a single real time solution that is visually easy to interpret and delivered to their staff via mobile. Zoined Retail & Hospitality Analytics provides an answer to this problem in an easy to use SaaS data visualisation tool with out-of-the-box best practice dashboards, reports and KPIs for different user roles working in Retail & Hospitality business. Deployed in hours, it removes the need for investments in licenses, development projects, maintenance or support and gives organisation visibility across its estate.

How did you come into contact with Heads?

We met Björn Mattsson a couple of years ago and discovered that he was working with this cool new technology that enabled Heads POS to utilize in-memory database technology to provide great performance in a cost efficient way. This is very much aligned with Zoined approach where we also have designed our analytics service in a way that it is always superfast, reliable and easy to use, no matter how many billion receipts needs to be analysed on the fly!

What are you most excited about regarding the partnership?

The Heads product is quickly becoming the market leader and will come to dominate the sector in the next few years. We also have the same ambition for Retail Analytics, together our momentum will prove successful. Heads are also a dynamic organisation that is very customer centric and we have a good fit when it comes to which geographic markets we serve together. Most importantly, Heads understands that there is no sense building and maintaining an analytics system from the scratch and it makes sense to partner with a market leader like Zoined.

What kind of value do you think the end customer (a retailer) will get due to your partnership?

In combining our strengths we can provide a world class real time based POS & analytics solution to retailers. The customer will quickly come to trust the reliable data and high performing architecture that is both easy to use and deploy. For example, customers will be able to pick up their mobile phone at lunch time to get insights on how today’s new campaign is doing and make changes before the end of trading!